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Length of program: 4 Weeks Avg. Duration: 30 Min. - 1 Hour per workout Days per Week: 3+ 1 Optional Body Focus: Total Body Equipment Needed: Minimal equipment is required. You'll only need a pull-up bar(or band for pull-downs), a treadmill, and 2 sets of dumbbells (both light and heavy set) --- This 4 week Full-Body High Intensity Interval Training Program includes cardio bursts, strength training, functional fitness, and mobility work for effective results. The best part? You'll have direct access to your personal coach Erika via the app! Programmed workouts are 3 days/ week with a 4th day (optional) recovery workout that focuses on flexibility/mobility to support your harder training days. The 3 "off" days we recommend light cardio, yin or slow flow yoga, or complete rest days. Each week you'll work on upping the challenge by adding reps, time, or difficulty level to the same workouts, so that you can work to progress. This program is excellent for building cardiovascular endurance, strength, & mobility. The workouts will push you physically and mentally, spike your metabolism to have you burning calories all day, and produce lean muscle mass. These workouts are intense but you are encouraged to go at your own pace and modify whenever necessary - however, this is NOT a beginner workout program. Full Body H.I.I.T. is the perfect program for athletes looking for a new, fun, and flexible challenge that will have you feeling like a champion!

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