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“Thief of joy” said Roosevelt

“Death of joy” said Twain

Stay in your lane. Run your own race.

Be your best you.

When you stand back to back against your competitor let it be to support one another’s ambition, not to measure your failures.

When you feel green (or is it neon?) with envy, thank your lucky stars for inspiration.

Glow brighter.

When you lose, shake the winner’s hand. Grow taller than your failures.

Look back to reflect, to learn, to reach a hand out to someone that tripped.

Look sideways to smile. To share. To acknowledge.

Not to compare. Not to judge.

Look up to dream. To laugh at the sky.

Look down to focus. To remember your why.

Look ahead to plan. Is the life I want the one I’m creating?

Look inward for guidance. The space between.

The greatest knowing of all.

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