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The anti-resolution, resolution.

Lets ditch the resolutions in 2023!

80% of people fail at their NY resolutions by mid-February; but why tho?

Kris Jenner Youre doing amazing sweetie

So why not resolutions?

Some of the most common resolutions tend to be things like dry January, working out every day or losing weight. The data shows us that resolutions are unrealistic, unsustainable, un-fun(?) What if we focus on taking a different approach, as we head into the NY, to set ourselves up for success and get more of what you want in this next year.

How do resolutions affect us?

The whole practice of setting resolutions teaches us to identify what we don’t like about ourselves or our lives.

✓ Teaches us to identify perceived flaws

✓ Set unrealistic expectations at the least inspiring time of year

✓ Focus on taking things away

✓ Results in guilt and shame

This approach is the exact opposite of starting the new year with happy thoughts about the future.

A lot of resolutions originate from something we don’t like about ourselves or media is telling us that we are not doing enough and we often set resolutions to seek change, but we don’t often explore the why behind it. (An example, “ I want to exercise more.” Instead of “I want to be stronger so I can keep up with my kids”)

What if I told you there is a way to create a greater vision for your year, which encourages you to dig deeper into your why, that can grow and change with you and there is no chance of Failure?

I call this, "Identifying your theme".

Cultivating Inspiration

To help identify your theme for 2023, think about what inspires you or remember back to an area that you feel you have neglected.

Some areas of inspiration might be:

✓Inner self-purpose

✓World at large

✓Corporate Success

✓Health (holistic)

✓Work / Life Balance


✓Self care

✓Money / Financial Security

✓Stress & Enjoyment

✓Sanctuary / peace

Try to identify any themes you want to make your focus in 2023 - “What do I want more of in 2023….and WHY?”

Taking Action

Once you've identified some themes to focus on in 2023, put a plan into action.

✓Focus only on what you can control

✓Set yourself up for success by keeping things simple

✓Build and keep supportive Relationships

✓Keep healthy morning & night routines

✓Take small steps and large leaps

✓Find inspiration in the books you read, podcasts and even music

✓Mark affirmations on your mirror; visually remind yourself of what you are working towards

✓Keep a tool, material possession or resource that gets you excited about the theme

Before the days get busier and busier, take this opportunity for personal reflection and growth and focus on a clear and fulfilling vision for your 2023!

Namaste biotches.


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